Terms of Use

Please carefully read the following Terms of Use. Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

Products and Shipping Costs

FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. has the right to change the prices, descriptions, and specifications of all products and services without notice, unless explicitly stated in a specific written quotation. Any shipping, handling, or other fee shall be paid in addition to the quoted price.

All products may be purchased online with the exception of PE102, PE202, PK201, PK601, and PK801. Please contact FDNeuroTechnologies, Inc. at (310) 490-9978 to purchase these products. 

For domestic orders, the customer will select the shipping method for each product from UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Standard Overnight Air for all products with the exception of PK401 and PK401A which are only shipped either UPS Ground or FedEx Standard Overnight Air.  For international orders being shipped, the customer will select the shipping method for each product from either FedEx Priority or FedEx Economy. Products PK401 and PK401A are considered hazardous materials and may not be able to be shipped to certain international countries. Once the order is placed, FDNeuroTechnologies' will contact the customer directly if those products cannot be shipped due to international customs. The shipping charges are prepaid and added to the invoice.

All orders are shipped within 1 business day of the order being placed. The timing for delivery depends on the method of delivery. The estimated shipping delivery times are: UPS Ground (3-5 business days), UPS Next Day Air (1 business day), FedEx Ground (2-3 business days), FedEx Standard Overnight (1 business day), FedEx Priority (3-5 business days), and FedEx Economy (5-10 business days). 

For rush orders, please contact FD NeuroTechnologies at (301) 490-8878 at the time of purchase. FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. will make every effort to ship your products and provide the services in accordance with the requested delivery date.

Duty Taxes

Duty taxes are applied to most international orders. Upon placing an online international order, the customer will be given the opportunity to either apply the duty taxes to a VAT account number, FedEx account number, or to the credit card in which the order will be charged. During checkout, the customer will only see the product and shipping costs. The customer will have the option of either allowing FDNeuroTechnologies, Inc. to process the order immediately without notice of the final duty tax or wait to confirm receipt of an email sent by FDNeuroTechnologies, Inc. within 1 business day of placing the order with the final duty taxes included. If the customer chooses to wait to confirm receipt of the email including the duty taxes, the customer will have 2 business days to confirm receipt of the email once sent by FDNeuroTechnologies, Inc. or the order will be cancelled. Please note that if the customer chooses to wait to confirm receipt of the email, the products will not be shipped until the order is fully confirmed and processed.  

Payment Terms

All payments should be made to FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc., P.O. Box 785, Ellicott City, MD 21041. Payment should be made within thirty (30) business days of shipment and in U.S. dollars.

FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. has the right to refuse a sale to any person or institution until overdue accounts are paid in full. The customer is responsible for all collection costs on past due accounts.

Conditions of Use

FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. products are sold for research purposes only. FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. products are not approved for clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications. Obtaining approval or license to use the products in non-research (clinical) application is the exclusive responsibility of the customer. FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. is not responsible or liable for any loses, costs, expenses, or liability arising out of unauthorized or unlicensed use of the products.

The products manufactured and sold by FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. are for the customer’s research purposes only. Resale of our products requires express written consent by FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc.


FD NeuroTechologies, Inc. provides a lifetime guarantee for all products and services. If at any time the customer is unsatisfied with the products or services rendered, the used or unused products and services can be returned to FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. for a 100% refund with no questions asked. FDNeuroTechnologies, Inc. does not refund the shipping costs or duty taxes. The return shipping costs and duty taxes are also the responsibility of the customer. 

Custom Services

FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. offers custom services. The customer must complete and submit a quotation form with the final price agreed upon by both FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. and the customer. FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. and the customer must agree on the project specifications and time of completion prior to starting the project.

Technical Support

FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. provides technical assistance free of charge regarding its products and services if requested from the customer. FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. is not obligated to provide certain proprietary information, and any information or advice granted is at the customer’s own risk.

Environmental Safety

The customer is responsible for the cost and operations related to safe waste management of FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. products.

Governing Law

This contract is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland.


These terms and conditions may not be modified, waived, or amended except with written agreement signed by both FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. and the customer.