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FD Tissue Cryoprotection Solution™

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FD Tissue Cryoprotection Solution™ PC102250 mlMSDS

FD Tissue Cryoprotection Solution™ is a specifically formulated buffer solution that prevents tissue from ice crystal damage during freezing* and preserves the best possible morphology and antigenicity of cells. It has been proven to greatly facilitate both sectioning and various histological stains. In addition, tissue treated with this solution can be easily cut as thick as 300 microns on either a cryostat or a sliding microtome without shattering. The solution may be used for treatment of tissues fixed with any fixative.

*To protect the tissue completely from ice crystal artifacts and to preserve the best cell morphology, tissue must be rapidly frozen before sectioning, e.g. by immersing tissue into isopentane precooled to -70°C with dry ice (please contact us for a detailed procedure).