About Us

FD NeuroTechnologies, Inc. is one of the leading biotechnology companies dedicated to the morphological studies of the central nervous system. Since our establishment in 1996, our products and services have been utilized by federal laboratories, academic research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies, both nationally and internationally. As experts in the fields of neurohistology, neurohistopathology, and immunohistochemistry, we have been acknowledged in the scientific community for the quality, efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of our products & services.

Instead of hearing it from us, hear it from our customers!

"I am extremely pleased with the slices that you have already sent. The care and professionalism in which they were sliced, mounted, and labeled was an order of magnitude better than what I have experienced with the local vendors that I have used in the past. Thank you very much for the excellent work, and I look forward to doing further business with you." 

~ Christopher Butt, PhD, DSM Nutritional Products – Marteck

"I just received the stained slides. Everything is perfect. Thanks again for an excellent job." 

~ Liliana Viera, MSci, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“I highly recommend FD NeuroTechnologies. The president, Fu Du, has long experience in academia before he established his own company. He knows what ‘quality’ means. Fu is very honest and reliable.” 

~ Yasuji Matsuoka, PharmD, PhD, Georgetown University Medical Center